I am no particular fan of housework – it is not a pleasure, but it must be done.

It is a chore, and gets in the way of things which I would rather do, which is most things. I am in favour of anything which makes housework less onerous.

I have a dustpan, which co-ordinates with two brushes – one picks up fluff and ignores dust, while the other one enjoys a good meal of dust, but spits out fluff like a child spits out broccoli.

I also have Lawrence, the purple Dyson. Lawrence, in all his multi-tooled magnificence, is only brought out when I feel able to control his desire to suck up everything within his range, including small birds and rodents, should any be unwise enough to enter the house while Lawrence holds court.

I felt the need of something in between the omnipotent Lawrence and the manual drudgery of the brush and pan, so with that in mind we set out for MediaMart to search for a middle way.

Standing in line with an array of plug-in stick shaped vacuum cleaners which claim to be the ultimate joy that a housewife could experience stood the sleek and silver Hieronymus.

Hieronymus was purchased, carried home with glee, and used with as near to enthusiasm as I can muster – he does the job and does it well.

He is a Bosch by breeding; therefore it seemed appropriate to call him Hieronymus – though he is far less sinister and disturbing than his artist name-sake!