Huercal-Overa promotes World Peace

ROBBERY: The theft occurred in Huercal Overa ©Shutterstock

HUERCAL-OVERA council, together with the region’s schools, has held an event promoting World Peace.

Children and young people of Huercal-Overa joined together on January 30 to ‘say no to the violence and yes to peace’ in commemoration of the School Day of Non-violence and Peace.

Every year since 1964, the ‘School Day of Non-Violence and Peace’ has been celebrated throughout Spain on January 30, commemorating the death of Mahatma Ghandi, one of the icons of world peace.

Deputy mayor, Monica Navarro, councillor for Education, Belén Martínez, together with representatives of the different educational centres of the municipality also participated in the event in Huercal-Overa.

The event began at the Trade Fair Centre, before the children and those participating walked along Guillermo Reyna Avenue to the Plaza de La Paz.

Once in the Plaza de la Paz, the manifestos have been read by the children from different schools.

The deputy mayor stressed that “all together we have to work to build that peace and we have to do it with the hope that it will be a reality.

That is why today our children and young people come together to claim a world without violence, which we all aspire to achieve.

“Let’s start with our closest environment to advance in the global terrain.”