Man arrested after being surprised by police before attempted robbery

SEIZED: The man was arrested carrying a gun and a knife ©Policia Nacional

A 59-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested in Almeria after allegedly being stopped before attempting to rob a shop.

Police first became aware of the situation when they received multiple reports from citizens warning them of the presence of an individual close to several shops on Calle Guadiana in the capital carrying what appeared to be a balaclava.

A police patrol quickly attended the scene and managed to intervene before the alleged robbery occurred, surprising the man at the door of the supermarket.


The man, who was wearing gloves and a balaclava, was caught carrying a revolver and a knife and when he became aware of the police presence, attempted to flee but was quickly stopped in Calle Amadeo Vives and was subsequently arrested.

According to reports, the man has been arrested 21 times previously for various criminal acts and has now been charged with crimes of attempted violent robbery and the illegal possession of weapons.

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