The steaks are high


ONE of the most exclusive meats in Japan is now available in Almeria.

The exclusive Wagyu Kobe meat has been brought in directly from Japan by small family-run business Dehesa Gastronomica, based on Calle Haza de Acosta, and can cost up to €300 per kilo.

The meat is described as having a ‘unique and special’ flavor which is soft to taste and melts on the palate, and has reportedly already been well received in the area.


After deciding to sell the meat, Dehesa Gastronomica have become the sole distributor of Wgyu Kobe in Almeria, and one of only a few places in Spain to sell it.

Despite its high price, experts reportedly say only 100 grams are needed to satisfy the appetite and it is recommended that a professional cook the meat to get the full flavour of the meat.

Dehesa Gastronomica are also available online at

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