2.5 metre shark washed up on Mojacar beach

STRANDED: The shark (inset) found in Mojacar ©Equinac

A SHARK has been found dead on a beach in Mojacar.

The stranded blue shark measured more than 2.5 metres in length and is believed to have died after being attacked by a swordfish.

After being removed from the beach by Animal NGO Equinac, it has been sent to the University of Valencia for study.


Following the discovery, charity organisation Equinac wrote on their facebook page: “Equinac has attended the stranding of a shark in Mojacar.

We were notified by the local police of Mojacar of the presence of a dead shark in Mojacar.

“Members of Equinac we moved to the place and verified that it was a shark of more than 2.5 meters.

“We have already seen a shark killed by the attack of a swordfish to the shark, and it seems that has been the same fate.

“We want to thank the local police of Mojacar for the quick and good that they have given us the warning and even for moving to the place before us, to our members of Equinac, Tony from the center of Buceo Mojacar,  Adele, Alex, Esau and our coordinator of the Manu strand network.”

The latest stranding follows a number of recent incidents which has seen several animals, including dolphins and turtles, stranded on Almerian beaches

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