A wild goose chase

BREEDING: More than 1,000 geese expected in the Badajoz Park this summer.

A PUBLIC park in Badajoz has been over-run by geese.

The park has been overwhelmed with the number of geese that appear to be multiplying like rabbits and taking over the area.

Experts believe, however, that they could be posing a health risk. Back in 2015 and without any explanation, around 40 geese showed up in a newly built park alongside the Guadiana River in Badajoz in the west of the country.

In 2016, their population expanded but in 2017 numbers expanded massively. The original 40 has now reportedly increased to 500, and with the breeding season approaching, many more are likely to arrive shortly.

Mayor of Badajoz, Francisco Javier Fragoso, said: “We built this park for the people… not the geese! There could be around 1,000 of them by summer and they would pose a health risk to our 150,000 residents.”

There are two solutions being discussed at the moment. One is to cull a significant number of the geese, whereas another is to take up the offer of a private company that wants to turn them into pate.