Expat aims to walk from Ireland to Istanbul

IRELAND TO ISTANBUL: Pinnock (INSET) plans to walk all the way to Istanbul and has seen some great sights on his journey so far.

AN expat living in Albox is attempting to walk all the way from the Republic of Ireland to Istanbul in Turkey.

Mike Pinnock, 72, lives in Los Marcellinos, near Albox and began the walk almost five years ago on Dursey Island, County Cork in the Republic of Ireland.

Each year, Pinnock returns to the exact spot that he left the previous year and continues his trek east, walking along the E8 European path towards Istanbul.

In 2017, his arrival in Bonn, Germany marked 930 miles of progress and his 60th day on the trail. He plans to return to Bonn in April and add a further 230 miles to the tally.

The walk will eventually traverse 12 countries – and if he makes it to Istanbul he will be 84 years old. Following the success of the first section of his journey, the 72-year-old has released a book entitled ‘Walk East Until I Die’ (A Trek through Irish History and Beyond).

Within it, he has told stories of his adventures and misadventures, which are interlaced with surprising and interesting chunks of Irish history.

The book is on sale in Total Entertainment, and Mike will be in the Albox shop on Friday March 2 and in the Arboleas shop on Friday March 9 to sign purchased copies.