FILM REVIEW: Game night


COMPETITIVE couple Annie and Max are obsessed with board games and regularly host a games night for their friends.

But when Max’s sexy, wealthy older brother Brooks zips into town in a state-of-the-art brand new corvette to attend their weekly games night, things take a dark turn.

Brooks decides to throw his own murder-mystery party in an act of smug one-upmanship against his little brother.

At the party, the couple is joined by childhood sweethearts Michelle and Kevin as well as Ryan and his Irish date Sarah, but they soon discover that the evening is not all fun and games. Brooks’ elaborate murder mystery set-up, which sees him kidnapped, is quickly revealed to be real and with very dangerous consequences.

After a visit to ‘Eyes Wide Fight Club’ the party guests learn what they must do to help Max’s brother and become involved in a funny cat-and-mouse pursuit of a precious Faberge egg.