Man rescued after windsurfing accident in Almeria

RESCUE: Guardia Civil officers managed to pull the man from the water ©Guardia Civil

 A 66-YEAR-OLD man has been rescued from Almerian waters after falling into the water and injuring himself while windsurfing.

Guardia Civil officers who were involved in the search for missing eight-year-old Gabriel Cruz Ramirez were informed that a man was struggling offshore of the Playazo de Rodalquilar.

According to reports, the man had been knocked off his windsurfing board after a strong westerly wind and became caught in the strong current and swell.

When the man was eventually rescued by officers, he was conscious, but showing obvious signs of fatigue and was bleeding from a head wound.

He was treated onboard to stop the bleeding from his head, before then being taken to Carboneras and transferred to a nearby health centre for further treatment.