Police arrest alleged drug trafficker in Almeria

SEIZED: Several substances were seized from the house ©Policia Nacional

NATIONAL Police have arrested a 29-year-old woman in La Chanca on suspicion of drug trafficking.

According to reports, an investigation ibegan at the start of January, when officers in the area were made aware of house on Calle Blas de Lezo that was allegedly being used as a point of sale for different types of narcotics.

After initial investigations, police were able to clarify that the house was being used very regularly, with many people allegedly going to the house to pick up drugs during both the daytime and the night.


And on a search of the house, officers were able to seize 121 grams of heroin, 86 grams of cocaine, 30 grams of mixed drugs, 190 grams of marihuana among other drugs, as well as €800 in small bills and a precision balance.

As a result, police proceeded to arrest the woman on suspicion of drug trafficking offences.

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