Two boats sink in Almeria as winds reach 90 km/h

SINKING FEELING: The incident occurred at Carboneras port ©Google Maps

TWO pleasure boats have sunk in the port of Carboneras over the weekend after winds topping more than 90 km/h hit the region.

According to reports, winds in the region reached a staggering 92 km/h at their peak over the weekend, causing boats in the port to hit into each other and the jetty itself.

Emergency services were informed by onlookers on Saturday that a boat, approximately six metres in length, had been spotted sinking in the port.


An estimated 30 to 40 people, including Guardia Civil officers, Port Police and volunteers were involved in securing the remaining boats, using tools to cut the lines holding the other boats in order to prevent further damage.

Despite their best efforts, those involved in the work could not prevent another of the boats close to the one that had sank from suffering significant damage and sinking as well.

Nautical club President of San Andres island told Spanish media: “It has been impressive how the people have mobilised to help, even putting their integrity at risk, since the wind was very strong, it moved the pier a lot and it was almost impossible to stand.”

“We have immediately called all the owners and they have arrived at the port. Hopefully insurance can take care of the losses.”

No one was reported injured following the work at the port.

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