Councillor calls for quieter fiestas

QUIET PLEASE: Councillor leads campaign for ‘silent time’ during March fiestas (File image) ©Pixabay

A COUNCILLOR from Valencia is attempting to get Local Police to enforce a ‘silent time’ during the busy annual fiestas when the throwing of fireworks is banned.

This is as a result of the number of calls complaining about the noise from bangers being continually thrown around increasing from 317 to 492 in one year.

Local Police do have the authorisation to take action against anyone who ‘misuses’ fireworks and bangers, but local people – as well as Councillor Anais Menguzzato – believe the laws need to be more clearly defined for the future.

At the very least, the councillor is asking for any form of pyrotechnics to be banned between the times the street parties finish until they kick-off again in the early morning with the traditional ‘awakening’ air bombs.

However, this would most likely only mean a respite of between four to six hours. Many street parties in the private marquees often carry on until 4am… and then the following day’s activities often start at 7am or 8am.

Menguzzato said that the problem isn’t just the occasional firecracker being thrown down… in some parts of the city it’s a 24-hour, round-the-clock cacophony of noise.

It’s hoped the proposed ‘silent time’ may prove popular across the Valencia Province, where almost every town and village celebrates the annual Fallas and constantly have similar issues with residents trying to get to sleep, especially those that find themselves having to get up for work.