Shotgun robber held in Almeria


A 33-YEAR-OLD man who was allegedly responsible for a spate of armed robberies has been remanded in custody by a court in Almeria following his arrest.

The accused reportedly committed a total of three robberies, police claimed. He made threats to kill employees with a shotgun in the thefts which saw him take more than €4,500 over four days.

Police began their investigation earlier this month after being called to an arcade in the Cañada de San Urbano area of Almeria City.


Workers there told police two hooded people walked in, with one carrying a firearm, and began telling them to hand over all the money in the site.

They threatened to shoot them if they did not comply. The suspects made off with around €3,000 from the arcade’s tills and safe.

They then went to a petrol station the next day where witnesses claimed they entered wearing sports clothes and carrying the weapon.

A worker at the station said the assailants had told them it was a robbery and demanded he hand over its money.

They then pointed the gun at him and were able to take around €582 in cash and more than €900 in ONCE lottery coupons.

Police said the suspects then drove in a stolen car to Almeria City and the armed robber went into an arcade on Avenida del Mediterraneo.

He threatened three customers and a worker with a shotgun before taking around €1,000 from a safe.

Police arrested the suspect on the street near his home following a probe to identify him. The investigation remains open as officers trace the other assailant.

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