Charity worker arrested in Almeria over sexual favours for food claims

FREE REIGN: The main suspect stored the food in his own garage ©Guardia Civil

THE Guardia Civil have arrested a 63-year-old humanitarian worker on suspicion of exchanging food in return for sexual favours performed by poverty-stricken claimants.

Investigations began into the non-governmental organisation in January when a victim reported one of the charity’s staff for offering food “in exchange for sexual relations.”

And six victims reportedly agreed down to their “precarious economic situations”, according to a police statement.


None of the victims have jobs or stand any realistic chance of getting one, police report.

And many are also single parents illegally residing in Spain and who depend on humanitarian support for their families’ survival.

The charity funds often come from charities or the government and are channelled through churches or associations who administer the aid.

The arrests came after the Guardia Civil’s operation “asuero,” which found 30 possible victims allegedly affected by a swathe of charity wrongdoings in the Almeria town of Vicar.

The NGO’s chief “overlooked all of their obligations,” agents said.

Everything from controlling inscriptions from needy people to collecting, storing and distributing the foods – which was the role of the main suspect – was irregular, they added.

The 63-year-old at the centre of the scandal reportedly had “total freedom in supplying food,” officers said.

He allegedly stored supplies at his private residence and ate the food himself.

In addition, he is suspected of handing out food to people who had nothing to do with the association and charged some vulnerable people a fee to access the programme.

The Guardia Civil are also investigating the main suspect’s wife and the association’s director.

Police reports will now be handed to an Almeria court.

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