Madrid government called to action over ‘Caso Almeria’ “terrorism victims”

TERRORISM VICTIMS: The Cantabria Parliament hosted an act to remember the ‘Caso Almería’ three Photo Credit: Twitter / lydiaalegria

THE President of the Cantabria regional parliament – Dolores Gorostiaga – has called for the three men murdered by Guardia Civil agents in Almeria to be recognised as “victims of terrorism.”

She read her comments from a motion signed by 35 regional ministers yesterday (Thursday).

It was part of an event to mark the 37th anniversary of the murders organised by the ‘desmemoriados’ campaign group.


The bodies of Juan Mañas, Luis Cobo and Luis Montero were found “scorched, dismembered and with multiple bullet wounds” on May 10, 1981, a Cantabria parliament institutional declaration claimed.

Guardia Civil agents had allegedly mistaken the Cantabria residents for ETA terrorists. But the official account said the men were killed in a shoot-out after attempting to flee.

Gorostiaga said the Spanish government should amend the law. She added all victims of terrorism, including at the hands of the police and far right, must be treated accordingly.

Regional president Miguel Angel Revilla criticized the “rotten tricks” used to cover up what really happened to the trio.

The Spanish government is yet to respond.

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