Will sitters really care for my pets for free?

TRAVEL LOAFERS: Dianne and Mike in Oxfordshire with Hudson and K2

OPEN your home to HouseSitMatch housesitters and they won’t charge for petsitting.

By joining the HouseSitMatch network you’ll find a way of collaborating for everyone’s benefit. We are a modern  company organised along old fashioned values.

Our managed network offers a great way to collaborate with checked house and petsitters while you are on holiday, offering them a room in your home and asking them to care for your pets – no money changes hands.


It’s like old fashioned barter, with a difference. At the end of the housesit you review each other and build a reputation. Many of our members become good friends after their first housesit and form lasting friendships.

Is it safe?

At HouseSitMatch we ID check every new member on joining to ensure we know who we are letting into the network, and in addition housesitters and petsitters are police checked by us.  We charge for membership to ensure that there is a commitment from both parties and that we can afford to manage our network online.

Love animals? Become a housesitter

While we make every effort to recruit pet professionals we also encourage animal lovers to register as house and petsitters. It is a great way to travel the world on a fixed budget and to explore new locations from a local perspective. You live like a local often with the homeowners guiding hand as to what is great to see and do in the area. It’s the latest in authentic travel and costs you nothing in accommodation fees. You exchange your services as a sitter for a free room!

Like AirBnB but better because it’s free!

How you benefit as a home and pet owner

Our membership offers a secure network to help you find suitable sitters. We don’t reveal your contact details, or your address. You post an advert ahead of your travel dates, we publish the advert then housesitters apply. You can view their profiles and chat with them before you accept your choice of applicant. If you join as a Premium member we can also help you at each stage of the process to get you started and to manage your account.

How you do join?

Please register online via our website www.Housesitmatch.com

  • Choose a membership plan
    • Standard (DIY option) = £49 pa
    • Premium (with support at each step) = £79 pa

Do you need a house or petsitter? Get in touch. House-sitting can be a win-win for both parties, free house and petsitting, and the experienced and checked sitters get free accommodation!  Register as either housesitter or homeowner with a 20% discount using coupon code P2020 – an exclusive offer for readers.

To find a house pet-sitter go to www.HousesitMatch.com

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