Almeria students and teachers receive film awards

ACTION! One of the films was shot at the Peña Morato cave.

STUDENTS and teachers from two schools in Almeria Province have received awards for films made to promote equality and the proper use of technology in education.

The winners will receive the accolades from the Audiovisual Council of Andalucia (CAA) which runs this year’s Audiovisual in School awards.

The fourth edition of the ceremony is set to be held on Wednesday June 20 in Sevilla.


The awards are divided into six categories, with each including €1,000 in prize money.

Winners are able to spend the cash on buying new audiovisual equipment for classrooms, the CAA said in a statement.

Teachers from the Los Millares primary school in Almeria City bagged an award in the Misuse of Technology category for their film Trending topic y ole (Trending topic and ole).

The film depicts stereotypes of Andalucians in an ironic light in order to highlight the dangers of prejudging people from certain areas.

It was shot in the Peña Morato cave on the outskirts of the city. The film is based around a typical Andalucian flamenco fiesta, with the teachers’ students naming commonly-held views of the region’s identity.

Special recognition was also given to year five students from the Clara Campoamor primary school in Huercal de Almeria.

Their short silent film Unos true heroes (Some true heroes) dealt with the subject of empathy.

The pupils wrote the script, played the characters and handled camera and editing work.

The film examined the influence popular television programmes have on society and how the depiction of aggressive characters impacts on people’s behaviour.

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