Mind of steel

All you need to know to boost your mind Credit: Shutterstock

WHEN we think of health we usually think of our bellies, muscles, and bones but rarely our brains.

There are, however, terrific strategies you can employ to improve your brain health and even its power, making you smarter and healthier.

Exercise for instance is crucial to improve blood flow to the brain and nerve production, while lessening the risk of stroke.


Primate studies have shown that exercising monkeys learnt new skills far faster than their inactive counterparts.

Fats are important too, particularly animal-based Omega-3 fats which comprise a significant proportion of your brain tissue.

DHA in particular is essential and provides structural support to your central nervous system, while supplementation can even reverse degenerative conditions.

Finally be sure to get a decent night’s sleep in order to repair, revitalise, and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Sleep has been shown to improve your memory, cognitive scope and ability to learn and adapt to new information.

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