Andalucia Junta grants Almeria City’s ‘Tapas Route’ regional tourist interest status

TAPAS TIME: The 11th Tapas Route was held last March CREDIT: Shutterstock

THE Junta de Andalucia has granted the status of regional tourist interest to Almeria City’s annual ‘Tapas Route’.

Regional authorities approved the status yesterday (Monday). Officials said they would help to promote the event to visitors.

Francisco Javier Fernandez, the Junta’s tourism spokesperson, said the event was an “authentic” part of the city’s identity.


“The regional tourist interest status will serve as support for Almeria City’s application to be Spain’s Gastronomic Capital in 2019. It will help make it a reality,” Javier Fernandez said.

Almeria City’s Tapas Route takes place annually in March. This year saw the 11th edition of the event.

This year’s route was made up of a total of 70 eateries, three more than in 2017. Around 13,000 people are estimated to have attended.

The granting of regional tourist interest status gives the event the chance to access regional aid and support for promotion from Andalucia’s tourist board.

About 650,000 people are estimated to travel to Almeria City every year for its food and drink offering.

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