Gabriel’s Parents stay away from prison push

SHIRT CALL: Gabriel Cruz’s (inset) funeral was held in Almeria City cathedral CREDIT: Juan Ignacio Zoido (main), Angel Cruz and Patricia Ramirez (inset)

THE parents of an eight-year-old boy found dead near Nijar earlier this year have said they do not approve of the case being used to justify introducing longer prison sentences.

Angel Cruz and Patricia Ramirez, the parents of Gabriel Cruz, said in a statement made last week that her and the eight-year-old’s father wanted the public to respect the family.

Her comments come as a picture of Gabriel Cruz was used on a t-shirt along with those of other children killed along with the slogan ‘Justice Now’. It was displayed at a concert of the Spanish pop due Andy and Lucas.

Patricia Ramirez said that the use of the photograph of her son six months after his death was itself unjust.

“We are happy for you to come together and ask for justice but we have made it clear in other communications that our path is different,” the statement said.

Lucas Gonzalez, of the pop band, posted a video on his Twitter account in which he said the due “just wanted to help”.

“Do not worry ma’am, we will not show it anymore,” Gonzalez said.

The two singers are among those who have used the case of Gabriel Cruz and others in order to push for the introduction of revisable permanent prison sentences.

The sentences would in theory allow someone convicted of a severe murder, a kidnapping, political assassination and other crimes be imprisoned indefinitely until authorities ruled they could be released.

Supporters argue it would bring Spain into line with other countries who have similar ‘life means life’ sentences and that it would give justice to victims of the severest crimes.

Opponents claim it would mean people found guilty of crimes would spend the rest of their lives in prison without any chance to rehabilitate or integrate back into society.

The other parents of the children featured on the picture have also reacted to the t-shirt. Many offered their support to the duo.

The body of Gabriel Cruz was found in March and the former partner of Angel Cruz, Ana Quezada, has since been arrested in connection with his death. She has confessed to killing him but claims it was accidental. The investigation into the eight-year-old’s death is still ongoing.