Police find body of woman in Almeria landfill site

CORPSE DISCOVERY: The remains were found at a landfill site near Gador PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

GUARDIA CIVIL officers have opened an investigation after the body of a woman was found in a Gador landfill site.

Police and government sources said workers found the corpse yesterday morning (Thursday).

The body is believed to have arrived at the plant in a dustbin wagon’s load. It is thought that load may have come from outside of Gador itself as the site serves 48 towns across Almeria, according to reports.

The government’s subdelegate in Almeria said the woman’s remains were now with coroners at the province’s Institute of Legal Medicine. Data from initial tests could be available as early as today, subdelegate sources added.

Guardia Civil officers and Almeria’s third Court of Instruction have taken over the probe into the find which remains ongoing.