Police make bee-line for hive robber after more than 230 thefts in Almeria

BEE HIVE ROBBERY: Police estimate around 4 million bees died. Photo credit: Shutterstock

AN alleged thief of 238 beehives, that lead to the deaths of an estimated four million bees, has been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Almeria.

The police have detained a 60-year-old man from Adra for the thefts with an estimated value of €30,500 euros.

Identification codes on the hives had been obscured in an attempt to conceal the real owners.

Of the recovered hives more than 100 were ‘dead’, which means around four million bees would have died.

At the site of one of the thefts police noticed a broken tree branch that could only have been hit by a large lorry.

And an inspection of the lorry owned by the alleged robber showed signs of damage from the branch.