Rally in Almeria City calling for no more migrant deaths

Photo by Salvamento Maritimo, via Twitter

PROTESTERS are set to take to the streets of Almeria City this evening (Monday) to demonstrate against the mounting number of migrant deaths in the Mediterranean.

Several groups, including the Almeria Acoge migrant charity, said in a statement the rally would take place in the Plaza del Educador from 8pm.

Protesters plan to call on the government to open safe routes for migrant boats after casualty rates have seen the Mediterranean become a “tomb”, the groups added.

“Society loses its fundamental values if it does not react in a more humane way and administrations cannot seem, nor appear, as insensitive to this dramatic situation,” the groups said.

The groups plan to call on the government to help cut the number of boats sinking as they sailed across the Mediterranean on their way to Europe.

“These people are forced to leave their homes and families because of wars, hunger and injustice,” the groups said.

The number of those who have arrived in Spain so far this year stood at more than 28,570 at the end of August. A total of 313 have died en route, according to United Nations (UN) figures.