Aid for women in Almeria province

EQUALITY PUSH: Women in Almeria Province rallied for gender equality earlier this year. CREDIT: March 8 Feminist Assembly Almeria, via Twitter

WOMEN’S groups in Arboleas, Cantoria, Chirivel and Huercal-Overa have been selected among others across Almeria Province to receive a share of some €50,000 in official funding.

The Diputacion de Almeria has decided to fund the 48 groups which form Almeria Province’s Council of Women to help them promote gender equality and combat sexist violence.

The money will go towards projects which are set to go ahead to coincide with the International Day Against Violence Against Women on November 25.

Angel Escobar, the Diputacion’s equality and social welfare spokesperson, said: “This aid is proof that the Diputacion is committed to ending the scourge of sexism and gender violence in society,” Escobar said.

Arboleas’ New Dawn group, the El Valle Women’s Association in Cantoria, Chirivel’s La Sabina Alvar elderly women’s group are all set to get a share of the funding.

The Santa Mari de Nievar and fibromylagia organisation in Huercal-Overa, which helps women suffering from the debilitating long-term health condition is also due to receive a grant.

Hundreds of women across Almeria Province have been involved in protests and rallies calling for greater gender equality so far this year.