Last tango in Mojacar

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: The group performed in Mojacar’s Plaza Nueva CREDIT: CDA31, via Facebook

MOJACAR has played host to a French dance group’s annual convention, with almost 500 people taking part.

The Club Danse Autrement 31’s (CDA31) convention kicked off in Mojacar last Saturday September 29. The dancers taking part stayed in the town until last Tuesday, according to Mojacar Council.

The programme for the stay included dancing and singing courses and workshops, as well as excursions and trips to the surrounding areas of Mojacar and Almeria Province.

The group also staged a public performance in the town’s Plaza Nueva as part of celebrations for the Virgen del Rosario Fiesta.

The show featured 12 dancers performing difference dances, including the tango, waltz and salsa  along with four troupes who staged their own choreographed routines. The show also featured performances from four singers.

CDA31’s President, Guy Trouval, as well as directors Jerome Torres and Michelle Royon were among those taking part in the trip. They were joined by 14 teachers and five music DJs.

CDA31 was founded in France in 2002 and it has more than 3,000 members from across all age groups and skill levels.