Tensions rise between AUAN homeowners’ association and council

SPAT: AUAN President Maura Hillen insists the association is not party political. Photo credit: Facebook / AUAN Association

THE tensions between the AUAN homeowners’ association and Cantoria council continue to rise.

In a recent letter directed at the local resident British community, Mayoress Purficacion Sanchez dubbed AUAN “the British PP association”, and invited residents to form new associations “that will send us (PSOE) each and every one of your demands.

AUAN member Helen Prior responded with an open letter strongly defending the association and its president Maura Hillen.

Mrs Prior, whose home in Vera was demolished in 2008 by the Junta de Andalucia in 2008, stated, “When you attack AUAN you must understand that you attack us. You also attack people who are still suffering from the planning chaos in Andalucia.”

Maura Hillen told the EURONews247 she was grateful to Mrs Prior, and stressed AUAN had no particular political party affiliation.

“We speak to everybody to try and get legislation through the Andalucian parliament”, the AUAN president maintained.

She said the “little spat” between the association and Cantoria Town Hall stemmed from the PP and Ciudadanos parties backing a regional parliamentary initiative to change the planning laws in support of those awaiting legislation via a town plan. PSOE voted it down, a move Maura Hillen described as a “blow” for AUAN and “disappointing as PSOE have helped us change laws in the past.”