Vera’s creative arts centre open to the young and elderly

GETTING CREATIVE: The centre is open to the young and elderly CREDIT: Vera Council

VERA’S council has collaborated with a local artist to open a new drawing and painting centre in the town to teach locals creative techniques.

The council joined forces with Alex Arias Avila, 28, who has previously carried out art training sessions and workshops across Almeria Province.

The artist said he had been working with the council for months to set up the centre where locals could go and immerse themselves in art.

“It is a space rich in opportunities where everyone from young to old can feel like true artists from the start as well as participating in our exhibitions and creative projects while learning,” Arias Avila said.

Isabel Belmonte, the council’s children and seniors spokesperson, said: “The council has entrusted Alex Arias with the stewardship of the centre due to his great experience in the world of contemporary art and is recognised as an up and coming artist.”

The centre is set to host drawing and painting classes, as well as sessions for the elderly including memory workshops, healthy habits, Latin dances, gymnastics, computer classes and cooking slots.

Arias Avila has previously collaborated with the council on a graffiti programme aimed at young locals during the summer.