Wild West comes to Almeria with film festival in Tabernas

YE HAW!: The festival gets underway next Tuesday CREDIT: Almeria Culture, via Twitter

ENTHUSIASTS of Western films are set to head into the Tabernas desert from next Tuesday for the start of an annual film festival celebrating the genre.

The Almeria Western Film Festival includes feature films, short movies and documentaries as well as fans donning cowboy outfits for the occasion.

The films Gone Are The Days is due to open at the festival. There are nine films in the official selection including Brimstone, Cassidy Red, Dead Men, Decadent and Depraved, Axel August Dhogs, Sad Hill Unearthed, Sweet Country, Ultravokal and Western.

There are also set to be 10 short films and a further ten from the ‘Neo-Western’ genre. Awards including the Tabernas de Cine will be handed out.

The festival runs from next Tuesday October 9 to Saturday October 13.