Cracking on with garden plan

PROGRESS: Adra Mayor Manuel Cortes takes time to check on how the works are going .

ADRA council is cracking on with its plan to smarten up the municipality’s green areas.

Embellishments and improvements will be carried out in plazas and gardens throughout the municipality, the council said, having started with tree pruning in the Avenida del Mediterraneo and works on the La Alqueria road. There are specific plans for the Puente del Rio and La Curva areas.

Adra Mayor Manuel Cortes took time last week to see how some of the works were progessing, accompanied by the Environment and Treasury councillors Cesar Arroniz y Alicia Heras. According to the mayor the plan represents “a new advance in the process of reinforcing the basic services we are carrying out for the benefit of citizens”, and is aimed at “responding to the needs which present themselves in our municipality.”

The local authority has invested more than €115,000 euros in the plan, taking on five people and acquiring new machinery. The works are expected to last for eight months.