Travel, cinema and music to empower women

EMPOWERMENT: Cultural activities will feature trips, films and concerts with a gender equality message

ADRA council has organized a programme of events aimed at raising awareness about the importance of gender equality to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women on November 23.

Presenting details of the progamme earlier this week accompanied by councillor for Women Elisa Fernandez, Adra Mayor Manuel Cortes, commented, “At Adra council we are aware that gender-based violence is a scourge which we have to fight with education and awareness-raising.”

He said the emphasis this year was on “cultural activities which implicitly carry this message”, adding, “We want to send the message to all Adra men and women, of all ages, that their involvement is necessary when it comes to helping women who are victims of gender-based violence to get out of that drama.”

The Mayor stressed the need to report any incident of abuse against women, stressing, “The administrations have to give protection to victims with guarantees”, in order that they can “take the step of reporting their situation in complete safety.”

He also said that in his opinion “administrations have to continue taking steps to expand the mechanisms of prevention and protection.”

Events to coincide with mark the International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women start next Tuesday November 20 with a trip for women to the wine cellars of Ronda in Malaga and Setenil in Cadiz. On the night of Saturday 24 there is a Sole Gimenez concert at the Cultural Centre as part of the jazz singer’s All The Sensitive Men tour, and on Sunday the centre will be screening the film Millenium 4: The Girl in the Spider’s Web starring Claire Foy as a vigilante hacker who proves she can break into the world’s top security systems.

On the day itself there will be several official acts in the town’s Puerta del Mar Plaza, inculdign the reading out of a manifesto against gender-based violence.