Two criminals from Finland appear on Europol’s latest most-wanted list

Two criminals from Finland appear on Europol's latest most-wanted list
Image of two wanted men from Finland. Credit: Europol

Europol’s latest most-wanted list includes two criminals from Finland.


Two men wanted by the authorities in Finland appear on the latest list of the 90 most-wanted criminals of the European police authority Europol. They are named as Jan Salminen and Aram Kohnepushi. Both men are known to have been on the run for years.

Jan Johannes Salminen is a 37-year-old Finnish citizen who is suspected of gross tax fraud, gross accounting crimes, and gross money laundering. According to the search notice, the man has not appeared in court to answer the criminal charges.

Salminen speaks Finnish and English, is 178cm tall, and has green eyes. He has been on the most-wanted list since 2019. The man’s wanted notice was updated in November of last year.

MTV Uutiset previously reported that Salminen, who lived in Turku, studied to become a physical education instructor and was an apprentice in the Spanish city of Malaga during his studies.

IS previously said that the man has been a familiar face on Spain’s Costa del Sol. A newspaper based in the town of Fuengirola recently reported that the man was involved in, for example, the import of alcoholic beverages and the transport business.

Aram Kohnepushi, who is also a fugitive from the Finnish police has remained hidden from the authorities for several years, at least since 2017. His wanted notice was updated in January of last year.

Kohnepushi is a citizen of Iran and is suspected of gross fraud and forgery. A criminal investigation against him is still ongoing. The man is suspected of causing more than €600,000 in damages.

Previously, MTV Uutiset reported that the man disappeared from Finland after police interrogations. The 34-year-old allegedly managed to live untouched in Finland for more than 20 years. He is 174cm tall and has brown eyes. In addition to Finnish, the wanted criminal speaks Kurdish, as reported by