Decline in electricity use in Finland by 8%


The use of electricity in Finland has declined by 8%, a change of over 2% from last year’s statics according to a recent report by Fingrid, the majority state-owned national power transmission grid operator. The electricity load decreased from 6,866 gigawatt hours to 6346 gigawatt hours in October, 2022.

Fingrid also reported that the decline in the consumption of electricity in the country cannot be attributed to the temperature changes. “The winter is about to start, so it is important to duplicate these numbers or achieve an even greater decrease in electricity use also in the coming winter months – especially during the period of peak electricity use,” stated Tuomas Rauhala, the director of power system operations at Fingrid.

The national power transmission grid operator has also issued a warning about possible shortages and outages of electricity for the coming months. They are urging both households as well as commercial establishments to continue taking action to further reduce the use of electricity in the coming months.

The company has predicted that the winter peak in electricity use will be roughly 14,400 megawatts.