EU to end sale of CO2 emitting cars after 2035

EU to end sale of CO2 emitting cars after 2035
Photo: Michael Marais - Unsplash

The Czech news site has published an interview with the MEP Stanislav Polčák, who is a member of the Committee for the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety.

Polčák explains that he expects that the European Parliament will approve legislation that would maen only zero emissions cars can be sold after 2035. 

When asked about his expectations for the legislation, the MEP replies by saying that there is some opposition to the policy, particularly from his party, the European People’s Party. However, he adds that he respects that the Czech government have helped lead the negotiation for this deal. The EU is currently under Czech presidency. 

Polčák points out that he believes the 2035 goal is achievable and cites the example of Skoda as having stated that they expect by 2028 to make more electric cars than combustion ones. 

To end the interview, Polčák is asked why he believes it is that most Czechs are critical of electric cars. He replies by pointing to the nation’s history as an engineering powerhouse and that there are some concerns about the impact it would have on the country’s manufacturing industry. 

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