German government to give €200 ‘Kulturpass’ for 18th birthdays

German government to give €200 'Kulturpass' for 18th birthdays
German government to give €200 'Kulturpass' for 18th birthdays. Image: maheshkumar painam/unsplash

Vouchers being offered to revive the youth interest in live arts post COVID  

Germany´s government is joining other European countries, by offering a voucher to young Germans, that they can spend on their choice of cultural offering. According to a report from the Guardian on Tuesday, November 15, this scheme launched by the government will be made available to all the 18-year-old of the country and aims to encourage stepping out of the house to experience live culture. The aim is also to give a boost to the art scene which is struggling to revive post COVID and encourage young adults to leave their stay-at-home routines. 

The pass, which is known as Kulturpass, will give the young adults €200 each and according to Claudia Roth, Germany’s culture minister, it’s an “equivalent of a birthday present” for the 750,000 people who will turn 18 in 2023, the report states. The introduction of this pass, according to the report, will bring the EU´s most populated country in line with other countries such as Spain, France and Italy, who have introduced similar schemes.  

The estimated cost to the German state is around €100 million, in addition to the country’s yearly €2.3 billion cultural expenditure. Particular focus is being placed on live culture, with theatres and music venues expected to utilize the initiative to recruit new audience members as they compete for money, the report adds.

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