Nine injured in hot air balloon crash in the Austrian Alps

Nine injured in hot air balloon crash in the Austrian Alps
Nine injured in hot air balloon crash in the Austrian Alps. Image: Imagentle/

Pilot falls out after the initial impact, before the balloon took flight again with passengers onboard

A dramatic hot air balloon crash in the Austrian Alps left nine people injured. The incident which took place on Saturday, November 12, resulted in two people being airlifted due to serious injuries. The incident took place in the Bucklige Welt region of Austria, which is a hilly region close to Vienna, according to the report. 

According to a report from Euronews, the balloon during the flight started to descend immediately without warning. As they were close to the mountains, the hot air balloon first collided with the easter edge, throwing the pilot as well as the co-pilot out. Two of the passengers also fell out of the hot air balloon basked at the same time, who were later found in Untereck.  

The balloon then dragged on the ground for a few metres, according to the authorities, before it started climbing back into the sky. Meanwhile, five of the remaining passengers were still inside it after it took off.  

As the hot air balloon continued its flight, the pilots on ground managed to contact one of the passengers on the mobile phone. The passengers then safely managed to land the balloon after receiving emergency landing instructions.  

The remaining five passengers were eventually found about 5 kilometres away in an area near Stang in a forest. According to the report, they are all safe and suffered minor injuries. The other two passengers who were earlier found in Untereck, had to be immediately airlifted due to severe injuries.  

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