Perpetrator who stabbed woman to death in Denmark ‘waited for her’

Perpetrator who stabbed woman to death in Denmark 'waited for her'
Perpetrator who stabbed woman to death in Denmark 'waited for her'. Credit: Maik Meid/

A woman who was stabbed to death in Denmark was sitting in her car when she was attacked.

It is believed that the perpetrator lay in wait for his victim, who was found by the police at around 11.10pm on Thursday.

The police say that the 37-year-old woman killed was an Afghan citizen but lived in Denmark.

Jens Møller, a former homicide chief, told TV2: “This indicates that they specifically went after her, and that it is not biting that develops into an attack, but that the perpetrator has been waiting for her and is looking for her in the car.”

Ekstra Bladet, deputy police inspector at Central and West Zealand Police, Kim Løvkvist, says that the police “suspect that it is targeted.”

No more information is available about the relationship, if any, between the victim and the perpetrator, with Central and West Zealand Police investigating “extensively”.

Jens Møller added that the investigation team is not following one single motive.

“You look in all directions for possible motives. Could it be in relation to work, internal family relations, or a person who is angry with the person killed? You don’t close any ends, and in that way, you investigate broadly,” said Møller.

The wanted perpetrator is an 18 to 19-year-old man, described as thinly built and brown-skinned. A woman who tried to stop the assault gave the police that description.

Investigators are yet to find the perpetrator after searching throughout today (Friday). Jens Møller asked any potential witness to get in touch with the police.

“It is really important that they contact the authorities. On the one hand, to make sure that it is not accomplices who have stood on the periphery and watched, and on the other hand, because people can observe something without being aware that they are observing something,” Møller concluded.