Polish President tricked by Russian callers pretending to be Macron

Women's Strike hold protest outside Polish president's house
Photo: Krzysztof Kowalik - Unsplash

Polish security services are investigating how Russian pranksters managed to trick President Andrzej Duda into thinking he was having a conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron. 

Polsat News reports that the fake call took place after the explosions in the town of Przewodow, which at first were feared to have been caused by a Russian attack. During the call, the man pretending to be Macron asks a series of questions about the attack, trying to discern who the Polish at the time believed was responsible. Duda doesn’t give away much information but does explain to the caller the different positions of world leaders with regards to the attack. The call, which lasted around 7 minutes before Duda became suspicious and ended it, has now been published online. 

This is not the first time that Duda has fallen victim to this type of trick. In 2020, he held a conversation with a man impersonating UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. 

According to Polish cybersecurity expert Łukasz Nowatkowski this type of impersonation attack is not difficult to carry out. Any person can pay, usually using cryptocurrencies, for a service in which they make a call appear as though it is coming from another person’s phone number. This makes it easy to deceive users and impersonate other people.

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