UK Universities could go bankrupt if government limits foreign students: Report

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British Governments has proposed to limit the number of international students studying in the UK with an aim to bring net immigration down 

International students applying to the UK will only be permitted to study if they get selected by top universities. According to a report by the Guardian, the British government under the leadership of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has proposed to clamp down on students who are applying to study “low quality” degrees in the country.  

The statement released on Thursday, November 24 said, Sunak has also proposed restriction on dependents accompanying international students.  the statement release by the Downing Street said, Uk´s net immigration levels are at a record 504,000, the report added.

Another official statement by Sunak´s spokesperson in the report said, the government is fully committed bring down immigration levels in the country. “We’re considering all options to make sure the immigration system is delivering, and that does include looking at the issue of student dependents and low-quality degrees.” the statement said. 

But Professor Brian Bell, Chair of the Migration Advisory Committee in the UK has warned some institutions and universities will struggle to survive. A quote by Bell in the report said, “Most universities for most courses lose money on teaching British students and offset that loss by charging more for international students. If you close down the international route, I’m not sure how the university continues to survive.”   

The report added, this plan to limit the number of international students in the UK goes against the government’s “Growth Strategy” from 2019. The aim of this plan was to increase the number of international students by 2030 to over 600,000 each year.

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