British governments plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda legal: UK court

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UK governments controversial policy has been criticized by human rights groups who cite Rwanda´s poor human rights record and say the decision is immoral and inhumane    

The High Court in the UK ruled on Monday, December 19, that the plan by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak´s government of sending asylum-seekers to Rwanda was legal. According to a report by the Associated Press, the court also ruled that its legal for asylum claims to be process in Rwanda.  

The judgement was made by a bench of two justices, who also announced that the circumstances of each case must be considered by the government before deportation. “The court has concluded that it is lawful for the government to make arrangements for relocating asylum-seekers to Rwanda and for their asylum claims to be determined in Rwanda rather than in the United Kingdom,” said Clive Lewis, one of two justices who made the ruling, the report stated.    

The UK government announced the controversial plans for asylum-seekers, earlier this year. According to the plan, the government wants to send some migrants who arrive in the U.K. as stowaways or in small boats to Rwanda, where their asylum claims would be processed. 

Meanwhile, the report said, several asylum seekers, aid groups as well as border officials earlier filed lawsuits to stop the conservative government from taking this decision. A quote in the report by Enver Solomon, head of the charity Refugee Council, said, “The Rwanda plan was a cruel policy that will cause great human suffering”.  

Refugee groups have now announced they will challenge the judgement issued by the UK high court. The report said, the judges have called for another hearing in this case, scheduled for January 16, 2023.

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