Canada makes special C$2 coin to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II

Photo by Royal CanadianMint/Monnaieroyalecanadienne/

The black-ringed coin featuring the former British Queen is Canada´s highest denomination coin featuring Susanna Blunt’s portrait of her 

The Royal Canadian Mint has announced the production of a new special coin specially made to commemorate Queen Elizabeth. According to a report in Reuters on Wednesday, December 6, the coin has been made with a black ring on the outside and a portrait of the former Queen.

A statement by the Mint cited in the report said, “the C$2 coin, Canada’s highest denomination coin, which would go into circulation later in December, features Susanna Blunt’s portrait of Elizabeth on one side and the traditional Brent Townsend polar bear design on the other”.  

The coin is being nicknamed a toonie after the name loonie for the one dollar coin with a picture of a loon bird, the report said.  

Marie Lemay, Royal Canadian Mint Chief Executive, according to a statement in the report said, “Our special C$2 circulation coin offers Canadians a way to remember her, Queen Elizabeth was the only monarch most Canadians had ever known”.  

The report said, after the death of the Queen in September a huge outpouring of affection was triggered in Canada. Collectors scrambled to secure rare coins and bills with her portrait, eventhough such coins and notes continue to circulate across the country.  

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