Chinese travellers to be tested for COVID-19 in US

Chinese travellers to be tested for COVID 19 in US.
Chinese travellers to be tested for COVID 19 in US. Photo by Cryptographer /

US government announces new measures for Chinese travellers after Beijing’s decision to lift stringent zero-COVID policies  

The United States government has announced that they will impose mandatory COVID- 19 tests for all travellers from China. According to a report by Reuters on Thursday, December 29, US health officials made this announcement after China decided to lift its zero-COVID policies and plans to open its international borders.  

The report said that as per the US government, all passengers who are 2 years and older will require a negative COVID result from January 5, 2022 onwards. The test should be done no longer than two days before leaving from China, Hong Kong, or Macao.  

US officials have also stated that any passenger who tests positive for over 10 days before flying, can travel by providing a document stating their recovery.  

By implementing such measures, the US will join other countries such as Italy, Japan, and Taiwan, who have taken similar measures after China removed COVID restrictions.  

China´s decision to abruptly change its policy on COVID restrictions took place this month when the country began dismantling the world´s most strict lockdowns in its country. The restrictions were lifted following widespread protests against them and the impact they had on the country´s economy.  

According to international health experts, as the country opened up, COVID cases started spiking all across, as they remained largely unchecked, resulting in infecting millions of people per day.  

China has also faced criticism over its official COVID death records. Experts say that the number of deaths reported by the government are inconsistent when compared to the extent of the present outbreak.


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