Danish military put replica F-35 aircraft on show

Danish military put replica F-35 aircraft on show
Photo: Arturo Alvarez - Unsplash

DR – The Danish Ministry of Defence has purchased a fibreglass replica model of an F-35 jet to be put on public display, so that citizens can get a close up look at one of the most highly-sought after military aircraft in the world. 

Both F-16 and F-35 jets, produced in the United States, are subject to numerous American safety requirements, meaning that the real planes, rather than replicas, are locked up away from public view. This helps ensure that the secrets behind the design of the planes are kept that way. 

However, Lieutenant Colonel Casper Borge Nielsen, from the Danish military, explains to broadcaster DR that his department has decided to invest in buying a replica so that people can visit and get a sense of the type of aircraft being used by their Armed Forces. 

According to independent defence analyst Hans Peter Michaelsen, the F-35’s privacy and safety requirements are the strictest in the history of the Danish Armed Forces, with the US stipulating that only people with security clearance should be permitted to know what the aircraft has below the surface. 

The Danish Armed Forces have explained that one of the motives for purchasing a replica is to help encourage new applicants for the country’s Air Force. However, there has been some debate about whether or not it is worth its 5 million krone (670,000 euros) price tag. 

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