Finland ranks top amongst European countries with most eco-conscious shoppers: Report

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A new study ranks 30 most populated European countries to decide which has the most environmentally conscious shoppers  

As more and more people seek environmentally friendly ways to shop, a new study of the 30 most populated countries in Europe has revealed which nation has the most eco-conscious shoppers. According to a report by Euronews on Wednesday, December 7, researchers set several different metrics in order to measure which country has the most sustainable shoppers.

The study was conducted by an online fundraising platform called Savoo and ranked Finland at the top of the list. On the other hand, amongst the 30 countries, the one with the least environmentally conscious shoppers was Malta. The report also said, Finland topped this list due to its excellent UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) score, where the country has come first amongst 193 UN member states, twice. 

A part of the study was also to rank countries on the basis of their reduction in consumption footprint. According to the report, Italy came first, after the study revealed a decrease of 26.03% in 10 years. Sweden and Greece followed in this list with the second and the third most reduction in consumption footprint, the report said.  

The ranking was also done to study which country in the list recycled the most. Germany came first as the top recycler of municipal waste in the European Union in 2022. The report said, the country has an estimated recycling rate of 67 percent.   

The number of flea markets, as well as antique stores, were also taken into consideration while preparing this ranking.  The U.K. topped this list with over 1,300 flea markets catering to its population of 68 million people, the report said.  

With regards to household waste produced per capita, the study revealed Slovenia only produced 34 kg of household each year. Greece, meanwhile, was last in this category with an estimated 142 kg per capita household waste generated every year.

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