French serial killer Charles Sobhraj released from Nepalese Prison

Photo by Marco Gallo /

Suspected of killing more than 20 Western backpackers in Asia, Sobhraj was deported to France after spending 19 years at jail in Katmandu 

French convicted serial killer, Charles Sobhraj, who has been accused of multiple murders across several different countries, was released from a jail in Nepal on Friday, December 23. According to a report by Reuters, Sobhraj release was announced on Wednesday, after the country´s supreme court decided to reduce a year from his 20-year prison sentence.     

The 78-year-old also known as “the Serpent” or the “bikini killer” is suspected of killing more than 20 Western backpackers by drugging their food or drinks, with the intention to rob them. The majority of the murders for which Sobhraj has been accused occurred in Asia along the hippie trail. 

The report said, some of these murders also happened in Thailand during the 1970s, after Charles killed six women by drugging them, as per police claims. The report said, some of his victims’ bodies later washed on the beach in Pattaya.   

Sobhraj has spent his last prison sentence at a high-security prison in Nepal´s capital city, Katmandu. He was arrested in Nepal for the murder of an American tourist in 1975. Before Nepal, he was also arrested and jailed in India for poisoning a group of tourists in New Delhi. He eventually managed to escape India´s Tihar jail in 1986, after spending a decade, by drugging the prison guards.  

The report said, although his actual number of victims remains unknown, several TV and online shows have been made on his life, with the most recent produced jointly by Netflix and BBC called “The Serpent”.

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