Holodomor recognized by EU Parliament as genocide

Photo by Alexander Wienerberger/WikimediaCommons

The devastating famine in Ukraine that killed millions under the leadership of Joseph Stalin was intended to destroy a group of people, said the motion passed by the Parliament 

The 1930´s famine in Ukraine known as Holodomor, has been declared as a genocide, after a recent motion passed by the European Parliament. The Parliament decided to recognize the tragedy as a genocide against the people of Ukraine, after a majority vote by MEP´s on Thursday, December 15.  

The new resolution according to a report by Euronews states, “European Parliament affirmed that the famine had the intention of destroying a group of people by deliberately inflicting living conditions leading inexorably to their physical annihilation”.  

The famine which killed over 3 million Ukrainians under the rule of Josef Stalin and was a man made. It took place in 1932 –1933 and affected majority of the grain producing areas of Ukraine under the Soviet rule. The report said, it was intentionally orchestrated by Stalin to crush the Ukrainian independence movement. 

This move by the EU Parliament comes at a time, when the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin has been accused of launching a genocide against Ukrainians after the attacks on Ukrainian civil infrastructure with strategic strikes. Russian authorities, the report states, have also been accused of forcibly removing Ukranian children from the country, and relocating them to stay with Russian families. 

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