Italy´s populations aging faster than other EU countries

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National statists also reveal Italian population as dropped to 59 million 

The most recent figures by Italy´s national statistical agency have revealed that the Italian population is aging at a much faster rate than other European countries.

According to a report in Reuters on Monday, December 5, the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) has said that the country´s population has also dropped below 59 million.

“As of January 1, 2022 according to first preliminary data, the (resident) population has fallen to 58.983 million”, said, Giancarlo Blangiardo, ISTAT president, the report states. He added, the national population of Italy has been steadily shrinking since 2014, a cumulative loss since then of more than 1.36 million residents”.  

Blangiardo also said, “Our country’s demographic outlook is characterised by a significant growth in life expectancy and by an equally marked fall of the birth rate, resulting in a much faster ageing of the population compared to the rest of Europe”. 

According to ISTAT predictions, Italy could lose almost fifth of its residents. The decline in the population from 59.2 million people in 2021 will result in only 54.2 million people in 2050. This number is further expected to decline, as the ISTAT preicts only 47.7 million inhabitant in Italy by 2070, the report said.

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