Supermarket robberies increase by 22 percent in Hungary: Report

Photo by Nathália Rosa/

Official police data shows over 8,400 thefts took place across the country primarily in supermarkets and tobacco stores 

Supermarkets in Hungary are upgrading their security systems as well as hiring guards to protect their shops after the rampant increase in robberies across the country. According to a report by Euronews on Thursday, December 15, the most recent data by the Hungarian Police suggest that over 8,400 thefts took place in the country in the past 10 months. This, the report adds, is the first time that such a high number of robberies have ever been recorded in the country.  

The thefts that have mainly been taking place at large supermarkets and tobacco stores, show an increase of over 22 percent, as most cases have been recorded in Budapest. The report said earlier electronics and expensive drinks used to be the focus of robberies, but that has changed, as thieves are now stealing salami and cheese.  

One of the main reasons for this is the rising costs of products. The report said, in the past few months, the cost of meat in the country has gone up by 40 percent and dairy by 75 percent. 

“It’s not just the amount that is disappearing, the way the thefts are carried out has changed too as they’ve become more aggressive”, said, Attila Fodor, Spokesperson of CBA, Hungary´s largest supermarket chain, the report stated. Fordor further added, “It is becoming more common for the perpetrator to pull a knife and start fighting with security staff”.  

The report said, more and more shops are now posting photos of suspected thieves on their walls, to deter others from stealing products in their shops.

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