Ukraine, Queen Elizabeth and tennis, Italy’s top Google searches of 2022

Ukraine, Queen Elizabeth and tennis, Italy's top Google searches of 2022
Photo: Firmbee - Unsplash

Google has released data showing some of the most common searches via their website over 2022, with Italian broadcaster RaiNews composing a list of the top 10 things Italians wanted information on this year. 

The Google study did not look at the individual words that have been searched the most, but instead at which words have generated traffic spikes over an extended period of time. By this method, it is possible to establish which issues, questions, curiosities and characters have sparked the most interest over the last 12 months. 

In first place is “Ukraine”. Although the Russia-Ukraine conflict first broke out in 2014, this year, with the full-scale Russian invasion of the nation, Italians have unsurprisingly been looking to Google to find out more about the geo-political situation in the country. Searches for the words “Russia” and “Ukraine” together also appeared in third place on the list. 

In second position is “Queen Elizabeth”, a symbol of the twentieth century and loved by people far beyond the borders of the United Kingdom and its commonwealth. Italians have long been intrigued by the Queen’s role and by the intrigues of the royal family and therefore it is little surprise that her death on the 8 September created interest and concern among many. 

Among the rest of the results are the Australian Open, in fourth place, and in the headlines this year after Novak Djokovic was refused permission to enter the country due to his vaccination status. This was joined by the Italian 2022 elections which captured much attention during the middle of the year, as well as a number of Italian celebrities and the national football team, who failed to qualify for the World Cup in February. 

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