Europe countries experiencing record breaking temperatures in January

Europe countries experiencing record breaking temperatures in January.
Europe countries experiencing record breaking temperatures in January. Photo by Novikov Aleksey /

Heatwave across Europe as at least eight experienced the warmest day in January on record  

Temperatures across Europe are breaking records in January as countries are witnessing an extreme event, unlike anything in history.

According to a report in Euronews on Tuesday, January 3, over eight countries across the continent have recorded their warmest day ever, during this month.   

“We can regard this as the most extreme event in European history,” said Climatologist Maximiliano Herrera, as per a quote in the report.  

Herrera studies extreme temperatures and has compiled data from across Europe which suggests that this phenomenon is the first in Europe. His studies show that such instances can be compared to the extreme weather in North America this year.  

According to his research, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and the Czech Republic are experiencing record-breaking temperatures.  

Korbielów in Poland recorded 19 degrees Celsius, compared to the usual 1 degree.  

The Javorník municipality in Czech Republic experienced 19.6 degrees Celsius, compared to an average of 3 degrees during this month.  

Over 950 in Germany also broke all records from December 31 until January 2.  

Meanwhile, the highest was in Bilbao, Spain where temperatures were recorded at almost 25 degrees Celsius.


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