Iceberg the size of London breaks off Antarctica

Iceberg the size of London breaks off Antarctica.
Iceberg the size of London breaks off Antarctica. Photo by Oskari-Porkka

Scientists have reported that an iceberg more than 1,550 square kilomters has broken off the Antartica ice shelf

A massive iceberg roughly the size of London has been reported to have broken off from the ice self in Antarctica.  

According to a report on Wednesday, January 25 on Euronews said that “The huge iceberg – which measures more than 1,550 square kilometres – broke away from the 150 metre thick Brunt Ice Shelf on Sunday”.  

As per the British Antarctic Survey, this breaking of the ice sheet is not due to climate change as they say this is a natural process known as calving.  

The iceberg that broke off on Sunday is the second one to break within two years.  

Scientists say that these icebergs broke off a huge crack known as ‘Chasm 1’, adding that it runs through the Brunt ice shelf.  

They also suggest that it will drift into the Weddell Sea. It will also be eventually named in the future by the US National Ice Center.

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